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Drawn from sources that are full of frosted mini-wheats…

  • Free ebooks correlated with inreased print-book sales on
  • Jackson Ferrell at This Week in Webcomics has announced that he’s cartooning again. You can check out his new work over at Best of luck!
  • The Webcomic Overlook #111: Las Lindas.
  • Check out The Bad Webcomics Wiki. There are some good comics on the list in my opinion so read it with a critical eye for the overly critical.
  • Quitting Time and Gods Playing Poker are the newest webcomics to take Harknell of up on his offer to create iPhone apps for comic creators. If you are a webcomic creator you should check out his offer!
  • ROBOT 6 has an interesting piece on cartoonists and their self portraits.
  • CBR has an interview with Bill Barnes and Paul Southworth about their newest effort Not Invented Here.
  • Viper Comics and Daniel Barcroft launch Sanford Park. Best of luck!
  • The British International Comics Show is coming up in October 2010.
  • The Casual Webcartoonist writes about how to price your artwork (h/t ComixTalk).
  • Otis Frampton talks about his new webcomic Escape From Planet Nowhere on ComixTalk.
  • The Beat posts about cartoonist Asaf Hanuka and his webcomic The Realist.
  • WEBCOMIC SPOTLIGHT: Steal This Webcomic

Reported by Michael Moss.

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