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Submit a Drive-by

Posted by jtpokie on July 12th, 2007

(Subject to change)

Have an idea for a Drive-by? Here is what we are looking for.


We are looking for reviews and commentaries on all aspects of webcomics, for use in the Gigcast Drive-by. We can accept submissions in either written or audio format. Essays should be well thought out and well organized, and no more than 4 min in length (shorter is actually better in the case of a Drive-by) when spoken aloud.

We can accept written works, unedited audio and if you feel up to it, edited and mixed audio files. Remember, this can bring people to YOUR site as well as to the subjects of your essays/reviews site, so put your best foot forward.

Audio files:
1. No more than 4 min in length.
2. in minimum 128bit mp3 format.

Any audio recording program you have will work fine for recording your Drive-by. If you don?t have one, Audacity is free and is what we use on the Gigcast. It can be found at, be sure to get the lame MP3 encoder off the download section as well.

For a review submission I recomend Writing it out first.

Follow this bsic outline:

1. Intro yourself, who you are and what comci you do if any)

2. quick summary of comic reviewed.
a. Story line
b. style ( strip, Graphic novel, manhga, sprite.. etc..)
3. What you like (love abou the it)
4. What you thoink could be improoved)
5. Sunm it all up.

6. let the good people know who you are and where you can be found. (again)

(this is a work in progress)

e-mail questions to gigcast (at)