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Posted by madscott on January 6th, 2009

jt-bio.jpgHost: Tim “JT” Shea

Drawing a single panel comic about a turtle (Charley) when he was 9, JT knew he wanted to be a cartoonist. That didn’t work out.

Later a short stint in High school as a DJ for its low wattage radio station and on stage in the schools Plays and Musicals gave him a taste for show-bid-ness (that didn’t work out either)

So, when in 2005, (deep breath) after dropping out of college, joining the US Navy (5 years on the USS Spruance DD 963), marring a great girl, finding the Internet, having 2 Awesome kids, Finding webcomics, leaving the Navy, trying that cartooning thing again with Gecko Nation, and founding NightGig Studios (With Ken Prince) to help other Web Cartoonists, (breath) podcasting was born, he decided he wanted to be heard again and created… (wait for it) … The Gigcast.

E-mail JT

Host: Scott Gallatin
I first remember drawing for enjoyment when I was about 7 years old. I have always liked drawing space ships and fantasy art. In high school the only classes I could pass with a respectable grade were Art and Creative Writing.

After highschool I attended a local tech school hoping to become a comercial artist but between my love for driving fast and my bills for tickets and insurance I decided to step away from school and join the Navy. I spent 2 years onboard the USS Carl Vinson where I met some great friends and designed a few tattoos. Saddly I never thought to take photos of the finished product.

After my time inthe Navy was up I came home to Minnesota and worked in construction for a few years. I went back to school for computers because I was always fixing other peopls PC’s for free. Now I get paid to fix and maintain servers.I also love to sculpt and work with wood. I need to get setteled in and actually get a place set up to work on sculpting though so we’ll just call it a work in progress.

My Wife and I have 2 sons Andrew and Paul. We have also just finished building a house in Wisconsin. We are living on land that has been in Shannons family for over 100 years.I am happy to answer questions if you have any.

E-mail Scott “MadScott” Gallatin

mikem.jpgThe Gigcast News hound/Editor:Michael Moss

Michael Moss has been a cartoonist and illustrator since 1999; living and working in sunny San Francisco. Publishing the webcomics Quitting Time, Shadensmilen and the upcoming superhero comic Freedom Watch under the banner of Dung Beetle Comics, a webcomic collective of which he’s a founding member; Michael also writes for the magazine Webcomics Anonymous. Michael also contributes cartoons to the new magazine Modern Seamster and is luck as hell to get to gather news for the weekly podcast the Gigcast produced by the hard rockin’ people at NightGig Studios.

E-mail Michael

Other Hosts/contributors

kev-biopic.jpgGuest Host/cool guy: Kevin Hayman

Since 2000, Kevin has spent most of his time drawing and writing web comics. Starting with his five year run on Kota’s World he currently runs Sweatshop Studios on Nightgig and is a frequent contributor on the gigcast.

His interests include film making, writing, weird fiction, and weirder people.

E-mail Kevin

Co-host/Nifty-gal: Jocelyn “Jo-Chan” Craft

Jo is a graduate student at the University of Kansas. In spite of the fact that this is only her first semester as a teaching assistant, she is quickly living up to the “hopeless academic” stereotype: living alone in a small apartment with an orange tabby and a lot of books.

Her actual experience in radio consists of singing along with it and occasionally memorizing call numbers and NPR taglines.A geek from birth,* she was raised on a steady diet of sci-fi, mystery and Python. The first computer owner in her household, she stumbled onto what was to become the World Wide Web in the summer of 1986 via Prodigy. Hobby became obsession became addiction, leading to an unfortunate habit of adopting whatever free web space she came across, regardless of the fact she had no “content” to display. This self-distructive behavior eventually deteriorated into coding on Friday nights.

Jo’s studio on NG: lingua franca web design
[email Jo]*

The referred-to film in the picture was actually her first… just guess how old she was when she went to the theater to see it.

Official Gigcast Musician
Corey “fyreHyde” Smith is a student at Southern Illinois University, majoring in Computer Science.He is interested primarily in music, but also has a deep love for comics.

Also, he’s a little bit insane.More of his music can be found at Cory Smith on mySpace

Official “All around Parody/Voice/Funny Bit Guy”: Nick Nitro

Nick Nitro is a man who needs no introduction, cos no one ‘knows’ who he is. ha ha. That was a bad pun. Well, only if you got the fact that he is the weird skit/parody guy of “The Gigcast”, one of the many bits is the now-on-going “Mr Know It All” segments, it’d be funny, wouldn’t it?!

Hailing from West Jefferson, Ohio, Nick loves almost all things pop-culture, loves cartoons, (Futurama, anyone?) and really digs his motto, “I act insane to stay sane” which is borrowed from Hawkeye Pierce (Alan Alda) from M*A*S*H. With such a motto, it may explain why for no reason, Nick will burst into many voices, or bust into song, referencing odd bits of television shows from days past (or maybe this week.) Nick also sorta runs the myspace page for NightGig/Gigcast, and works on his webcomic Dribble For Kids and odds and ends for his projects at D4K Studios…

Home Page:
Myspace Profile:
D4K on Myspace:

Karl “Trantor” Kuras, Karl is an international man of mystery, who can blend in anywhere tall, blonde, blue eyed comic book geeks can be found.Never having worked in the radio format before, he brings his experience in theatrical speech competition to The Gigcast, which coupled with an extremely low brow sense of humor, uninteresting computer gaming anecdotes and a penchant for tirades about which small animals best fit in which human cavities, lends the show an air of sophistication rivaled only be the likes of Socrates, Nietzsche and Howard Stern.And ladies… he’s single.

Karl’s studio on NG: Trantornator dot com

[email Karl]