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Archive for the 'WebComic Wire' Category

Webcomic Wire – 10/1/2010

Posted by DarthMike on October 1st, 2010

Drawn from sources that are a bit exhausted from work and under the weather…

  • Christoher Schultz has sold the domain WebcomicZ.
  • RSA Animate tackles 21st century enlightenment.
  • MUTTS creator Patrick McDonnell features Sea Shephed in recent comic strip.
  • Comic book autobiography of a teen girl’s life with braces.
  • 10 years ago: The Wally Wood letters.
  • Koko Be Good, a graphic novel about finding meaning in lifecomplex by Jen Wang.
  • Jersey Circus, a parody of the reality TV show Jersey Shore and the cartoon The Family Circus.
  • Wookie The Chew, Winnie the Pooh retold with Star Wars characters.
  • Cartoonist Pete Emslie posing with Julie Newmar.
  • Cory Doctorow’s latest column about ownership called Proprietary Interest.
  • What Things Do: excellent webcomics.
  • Giant, fetishistically detailed Little Nemo art.
  • Betty White gets her own comic book.
  • 24 Hour Comic Book Day in San Francisco and Berkeley.
  • Maker Jim Henson in 1969: HOWTO make a puppet.
  • WEBCOMIC SPOTLIGHT: A Mad Tea Party by Jonathon Dalton.

Reported by Michael Moss.

Webcomic Wire – 8/25/2010

Posted by DarthMike on August 25th, 2010

Drawn from sources that are loving the new season of the IT crowd…

  • Matthew Inman, creator of The Oatmeal, talks about how to get people to read your site.
  • A collection of interviews and articles on the life and work of Robert Crumb.
  • Criterion Collection reissues R. Crumb documentary with special features.
  • Castration comics from Mary Roach and Ariyana Suvarnasuddhi. Ouch!
  • Scott Pilgrim and Shonen Manga.
  • An interview about
  • Mal and Chad’s fill in the bubble frenzy 2.
  • Brody’s Ghost: Mark Crilley’s 6-part graphic novel.
  • A tour of Dark Horse Comics.
  • Gabrielle Bell’s comic strip about ComicCon.
  • August 28th is International Read Comics in Public Day.
  • Critique of a badly-drawn Bible story coloring book.
  • An interview with Lev Yilmaz, creator of Tales of Mere Existence.
  • Gods Playing Poker is offering Fox News Bingo cards as a free download.
  • The Onion AV Club interviews cartoonist Jim Woodring.
  • The comics Bill Waterson sent to Berkeley Breathed posted on
Reported by Michael Moss.

Webcomic Wire – 7/15/2010

Posted by DarthMike on July 15th, 2010

Drawn from sources that are ready for this week to be over…

  • Scott Pilgrimage: Documenting real-life locations from Scott Pilgrim comics.
  • Apple Censorship hits comics and more. Miyazaki keeps his title of ‘Anti-globalization curmudgeon‘ and good for him.
  • US Army ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ instructional comic on gays in military.
  • Make your own Android App with Android App Inventor.
  • Nikki Cook will be the guest artist this month at Gizmodo.
  • Keith over at Karmic Debt Comics talks about collectives, the Webcomic Planet collective and.. well karma.
  • Northern News Services has an article about Webcomics.
  • iDrawDigital has a post about webcomics review sights.
  • Mtv has it that Harvey Pekar has passed on to less ordinary places. Sad to see you go Harvey.
  • The Hindustan Times talks about comics on your phone.
  • Storming the Tower has 13 webcomic supervillains in the spotlight.
  • Scott Kurtz leaves Image and returns to self-publishing.

Reported by Michael Moss.

Webcomic Wire – 7/7/2010

Posted by DarthMike on July 7th, 2010

Drawn from sources that are wondering if BP’s majority shareholder is satan…

Reported by Michael Moss.

Webcomic Wire – 6/28/2010

Posted by DarthMike on June 28th, 2010

Drawn from sources that are Euphoric to be indy…

  • Douglas Rushkoff on the Pekar Project.
  • Single comic panels that depict both cause and effect.
  • Rick Marshall makes the case for following comic creators via social networks over at Pop Candy.
  • Webcomic Beacon #125 features Erika Moen.
  • MTV’s Splash Page highlights Octopus Pie and other webcomics in print.
  • The Depression Support Network has a post entitled ‘Webcomics and Mental Health.’
  • Fabric Dragon has a wonderful post about how you can help out the Foglios and other webcomic creators.
  • The Webcomic Overlook #125: Bottle of Awesome.
  • has part 1 of 4 of a Q&A with Scott Kurtz.
  • DC comics launches an iPad app.
  • The Scene posts their picks for the top 10 webcomics.
  • ComixTalk has a post about the Webcomics Auction for the Gulf Coast organized by Carly Monardo.
Reported by Michael Moss.

Webcomic Wire – 6/18/2010

Posted by DarthMike on June 18th, 2010

Drawn from sources that are horrified by the idea of the Smurfs in 3D…

  • WordPress 3.0 is out! Hurry and jump on the bandwagon today!
  • The Chuck Jones Center for Creativity is now open in Orange, California. Darn I wish it was closer.
  • Make it harder to track your browsing with HTTPS Everywhere for Firefox. While your at it get you some TOR.
  • Comics Alliance is reporting that the Gulf Coast is getting aid from sales of Venture Bros. and webcomic auctions.
  • Storming the Tower reports that the Webcomics App is coming back.
  • The Webcomic Overlook #124 reviews MS Paint Adventures.
  • Platinum Studios reports that Cowboys & Aliens have begun filming in Mexico.
  • Battlemouth interviews Bad Machinery creator John Allison.
  • WEBCOMIC SPOTLIGHT: Hyperbole and a Half (Ok, maybe it’s a blog with comics in it, but it’s still darn funny.)
Reported by Michael Moss.

Webcomic Wire – 6/15/2010

Posted by DarthMike on June 15th, 2010

Drawn from sources that are watching the SyFy channel despite the name…

  • Apple tries to censor more content for the iPad and iPhone, sometimes successful and other times not. Apple also gets punk’d at WWDC.
  • Quitting Time goes to three times per week starting this week.
  • Kelly Thompson lists some webomics that she loves.
  • Word Balloon University makes its debut.
  • Episode 27 of the podcast Letters vs. Numbers is entitled ‘Webcomics for the Blind.’
  • Matt Unedited gives us An Ode To Webcomics.
  • Absolute Write has a post and discussion about how to make money off of webcomics.
Reported by Michael Moss.

Webcomic Wire – 6/8/2010

Posted by DarthMike on June 8th, 2010

Welcome to Webcomic Wire number 200! Drawn from sources that are glad not to have seen Sex in the City 2…

  • How to make a printer that will work directly on tshirts. Be a maker!
  • Robot 6 has an interview with Molly Crabapple.
  • STL Webcomics interviews BlueStar Blues creator Joshua Jericho.
  • The Webcomic Beacon #122 is about photocomics.
  • Digital Spy interviews Esther Bircham of Alien Ink.
  • Xaviar Xerexes clues us into who the 2010 nominees for the Manning Award for Comic Newcomers are. Xaviar also interviews Bellen! creator Brian Brown.
  • The BEAT covers Marvel’s latest experiment in combining digital and print publishing and some great news about PBF.
Reported by Michael Moss.

Webcomic Wire – 6/3/2010

Posted by DarthMike on June 3rd, 2010

Drawn from sources that want to be on America’s Got Talent…

  • John K., of Ren and Stimpy fame, has started offering cartooning classes.
  • Robot 6 spotlights Filthy Figments, new adult website by creators Gina Biggs, Jennie Breeden and a host of others.
  • Hark! A Vagrant creator Kate Beaton will have some cartoons published in upcoming issues of The New Yorker.  Congratulations Kate!
  • RGB Filter has an interview with Ryan North.
  • Christopher Rivan has an essay posted on his blog entitled ‘What can you learn from a webcomic?’
  • TGT Webcomics interviews Dawn Griffin from Zorphbert & Fred at C2E2.
  • Playback:stl has an interview with creator Raina Telgemeier.
  • Whazamo! State of the Art tackles the subject of webcomics.
  • Cyanide and Happiness launches their iPhone app.

Reported by Michael Moss.

Webcomic Wire – 5/25/2010

Posted by DarthMike on May 25th, 2010

Drawn from sources that were thankfully NOT educated in Texas with their new textbook…

  • A documentary film about the work of Jim Woodring.
  • Blogger frankh lists 5 webcomics that he thinks don’t suck.
  • The Daily Cross Hatch has an interview with Jonathan Rosenberg.
  • offers a guide to publishing for the newbie.
  • Webcomic Beacon #119 is about LEGO brick comics.
  • Webcomics Critique reviews Cyanide and Happiness.
  • Joe Hunter brings us his reprisal of Every Webcomic Ever.
  • ComixTalk has a roundup of the nominees for the Joe Shuster Awards.
  • Bean Leaf Press asks what makes a webcomic work?
  • The Webcomic Overlook will be taking a break and offers a review of Marilith.
  • The Red Right Hand returns to reviewing.
  • Focus has a list of 12 cartoons to get you through the work day.
Reported by Michael Moss.