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About The Gigcast

Posted by jtpokie on May 17th, 2006

What is The Gigcast?

Well I’m guessing that you know The Gigcast is a Podcast, (If you want to know what a Podcast is, Click Here), So the real meaning of that question is, What is The Gigcast’s purpose, what do you hope to accomplish with The Gigcast?’ ‘Well as close as I can put it in words ˜The Gigcast is a Podcast for fans of webcomics, by fans of webcomics”
Sounds Simple enough, and it really is that simple.  We talk about the webcomic news that interests us, talk to the people behind the webcomics we enjoy, and do our best to promote the crap out of the webcomics we report on.
Think of us as the ˜Entertainment Tonight” or ˜Extra” of webcomic podcasts (without Mary Hart) Not “20/20″,’no hard-hitting investigating reporting here (well maybe a little bit of John Stossel’s ‘Give Me a Break’’ segment now and again).
‘‘‘‘ The Gigcast is nondenominational, were not tied to a single webcomic community. We’ll report on ComicGenesis, DrunkDuck, Blank Label, SmackJeeves, EyeScreem, and any other Community that catches our eye, or better yet, brings something to our attention’ And lets not forget the Independent Webcomic, keep us informed and we’ll keep our listeners/readers informed’’ Even if your story doesn’t make it to the Show, we’ll post it in on our Webcomic News blog.
The Gigcast Drive-by
When we first started The Gigcast, we did some reviews. We slowly moved away from them as the interviews got longer, and we had more content than we could fit into the show. Even when we let the show length drift past the one-hour mark’ This was the motivation behind The Gigcast Drive-bys.
The Drive-bys serve a few purposes’
1. ‘‘‘‘‘ They help keep The Gigcast in your Podcast Catcher (if you are subscribed) and thus in your ears.
2. ‘‘‘‘‘ They allow for the reviews/rants/commentary that just won’t fit into The Gigcast, to be heard.
3. ‘‘‘‘‘ And, what I think is most important,(and really cool)’ they are a way for you to try your hand (voice?) at podcasting’ A podcast is a great way to promote your webcomic’ The Alpha Rant and Penny-Arcades podcasts have shown this’ The Gigcast Drive-by is a way to see if podcasting might work for you’
Give it a try; see if you can stand having lots of people hear your voice.
I know that most of reviews we receive will be about webcomics people like, and thus will not be the most critical; I’m ok with this’ It’s all about the promotion, right? ‘If you want a more critical approach to reviews, Digital Strips does a great job, and they don’t have a problem with holding back what they don’t like about the comics they review.
That about sums up the NightGig Studio’s Podcasts: They are, what I hope is, a good mix of Webcomic News, and Interviews, with a side of Reviews and Ranting on the side’ Oh yeah.. with a bit of podsafe music thrown in just because.
And questions?
e-mail me at