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8 Responses to “The Gigcast 187 Talkshoe Live”

Well I didn’t learn much but it sounded like it was a fun time to be had when Talkshoe wasn’t turning against you.

BTW: Who did that song about being a Zombie and wanting to eat his friend’s brain about a year ago? I’ve been trying to find that song. I kind of miss your weekly songs, some of them were pretty good.

Thanks. It was fun,

This one?

Yes that is the very one! Thank you!

Hey guys, where be the new shows?

I hope everything is okay.


Slight Motivational and life delays.. we’re not gone, just… delayed

Glad to hear you’re still around!

If you ever need a guest, the new Imagine THIS book comes out in a few weeks!

Yeah I was getting worried about you guys. 🙁 But glad to hear it’s delays and not complete gone. 🙂

I hope you guys return soon.