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JT and Scott Talk Webcomics.  Live on Talkshoe

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4 Responses to “Gigcast Live 181”

Very nice webcasts, guys.

But I really don’t give a flying fart about how you’re packing for – or just got back from – some boring ass con. Please keep the talk focused on WEBCOMICS. That’s what we tune in for.

If I want to waste time hearing about traveling, I’ll go see a ding dang travel agent!

Fair enough.

But the fact is, Nightgig Studios/The Gigcast will be at Megacon, and will be involved in The Webcomics Panel, and if there are people out there who maybe on the fence about going to the con, then we wanted to let em know what we would have there. Also, there may be webcomic artists out there thinking about getting a table at a con, and our chatter about plans and whatnot may be interesting to them.

As for boring a ass con, I guess you haven’t been to a convention the size of Megacon, It’s a lot of fun. The webcomic presence has grown over the years, it’s a great place to meet the people behind the webcomcis you read.

The next few Podcasts will be interviews with the webcomic artists I talk to at Megacon.

Hope you tune in.


Thanks for the mention on the show. We’ll have the second episode of Barrel Roll! up tonight. I will twitter about it, as per usual.

Can’t wait to hear what you guys come up with for interviews at the con. Good luck to everyone going to Megacon.

Too much con talk, not enough Reddi Whip!