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JT and Scott Talk Webcomics.  Shallow Thought form Christiana Ellis, TB-BA Spotlight from Brian Anderson.


things this week


From Mark Mekkas

Hi JT, If it’s not too late for news this week, I have a little something. In order to get ahead for the convention season, I’m going to reduce ETI-PI to 2 days per week for a while.  However, to make up for it, I’m going to present some “additional content” fiction over at Zortic.  Specifically I’m going to be introducing “The Adventures of Blast Rocketron” starting next Wednesday (bonus trivia points to anyone who remembers who Blast Rocketron is). I appreciate any plugging you can do. Thanks, Mark

visit Zortic at, ETI-PI at and Abby’s Agency at


TB-BA Spotlight:

dogeatdoug And a big “SuperFogeys” announcement:

Oh yeah! This is by one of my fav comic artists. Does a lot of stuff for SLG:

And a plug to go vote for “Calamities of Nature” at the Weblog awards:

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One Response to “Welcome to 2009! Gigcast 175”

Mike Peters should never have apologized for doing the Jaun Valdez joke. It’s a friggin’ comic! It was a joke. I hope that stupid lawsuit gets thrown out.

Also, the fact that King Feature Syndicate still owns the Popeye franchise at all is ridiculous. Time to let it go and give fresh ideas a chance.