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We interview Phil Hofer aka Frumph of frumph.net and JT and Scott talk Webcomics,  Christian Ellis Shallow Thoughts and The TB-BA Spotlight form Brian Anderson.


Philip Hofer of Frumph.net and the WCRCAs


Full Shownotes After the break!


Danny Burleson here from “Oy” at oycomics.com…

Got a few things here:
1) As you well know since you saw the end, I met my goal of creating 24 full-color comic strips for 24 Hour Comics Day: http://oycomics.com/2008/10/20/24-hour-comics-day-the-aftermath-2008/ (followed the next day by my Honorable Mention in the WCRCA’s, but you already knew that too).

2) I’m sure others have mentioned it already, but in case not, the Half Pixel crew has acquired and relaunched http://www.webcomics.com as a hub for the webcomics community.

3) Found out about a fairly new webcomic with promise called “Backyard Frontier” by cartoonist Dennis West. From the write-up on his site: “Backyard Frontier is a comic strip about a boy and his alien and their adventures as they try to make sense of this crazy world. Come back every weekday to see what they keep getting themselves into!”

4) ExtraLife Radio over at http://www.myextralife.com is soon to record its 200th episode. I think they’ll be doing it next Monday evening (not sure on the time), and they usually have a live uStream chat: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/extralife-radio

5) And in other news, Brian Anderson is apparently still a bastard.

That’s it!

~Danny, out


Just thought I would say thanks for mentioning my site (Jinxville.com) and my little Nightcrawler sketchbook project. I really liked the commentary you guys had on it. It’s good to hear people enjoying it. I’ve actually subscribed to your podcast now, so you’ve now got a listener in me. My friend Fes (of the Webcomic Beacon) pointed me to your show. Good stuff! It was also nice to meet Scott at FallCon earlier this month.

Anyway, thanks again!

Diana Nock

Twitter Bits

  • kncomics @JTShea Of Snakes & Apples celebrates 1 year online this Saturday (the 25th) Denise Guinn
  • Frumph @JTShea I’ve only got 2nd Shift Comic http://2ndshiftcomic.com/ is doing a tribute to lewis carroll’s poem “the Jabberwocky” oh yeah one more, the North Carolina Webcomics Coffee Clatch http://www.ncwccc.com/ on oct 25 from 2-4pm  at Padgett’s Station in Carrboro, NC
  • http://www.thinksynch.com wedcomics.com
  • kms007 @JTShea Caption Contest at PC Weenies – get your entries in before Sunday!

TB-BA Spotlight

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