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Drawn from sources who know where their towel is…

  • Onezumi had a car accident and, so if you can, please stop by her site and wish her well. There is also a donation sale. (*Thanks for the correction)
  • Tom Spurgeion has a Comic-Con survival guide.
  • The Boston Comics Roundtable has released the third issue of their anthology Outbound.
  • Daryl Cagle talks about the future of syndication.
  • Comics Worth Reading has a post about the business of comics.
  • And the author of Beaver and Steve offers this on the creative process.
  • Keith Knight is interviewed by The Story on American Public Media.
  • Viz Media has launched a webcomic site according to
  • Starship Castle is starting a review column called Webcomics Warp where they review fantasy or sci-fi webcomics.
  • The Washington Post interviews Comic Riffs Blogger Michael Cavna.
  • The Floating Lightbulb points out where more help for WordPress users can be had and reviews Asset Bar.
  • Robot 6 reports that the ACT-I-VATE primer is due out this fall.
Reported by Michael Moss.

3 Responses to “Webcomic Wire – 5/26/09”

Hey thanks for the shout out! It has been a tough few weeks – I really appreciate your mentioning me! 🙂

Two small things…I am a girl and the z in my name isn’t capitalized. 😀

Again thanks you guys are awesome!!!!! 🙂


Whoopsie! I’ll be correcting that now. Thanks for letting us know. Cheers!

No prob happens all the time! You guys are AWESOME and thanks again! 🙂