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JT and Scott Talk about Stuff!

Haiku Review…   by @haikubirdie
Odori Park (

bold, well drawn brushstrokes
mixed with clever dialogue
east meets west marriage

Yehuda Moon (

comic about bikes
casual enthusiests
will Wheelie love this

Sister Claire (

brightly colorful
great sacriligeous humor
an amazing read!

Megacon 2011 Interviews…

Thomas Zahler


Shawn Tommelleo


Cartoonist Celebrates His Comic Strip’s First Birthday!

Cartoonist Denver Brubaker’s webcomic, Tales of a Checkered Man, is celebrating its first birthday!  Brubaker launched the comic on April 6th of 2010. Tales of a Checkered Man is the story of an average hero who turns to a life of crime-fighting, despite his bad luck and acrophobia. Think “Charlie Brown as a masked vigilante,” Brubaker says. Brubaker, 35, is the creator, writer and artist behind this twice weekly webcomic. “The reaction to the comic has far exceeded my expectations,” the artist notes, “I’m so happy to have reached this milestone with a respectably growing readership in tow.”  Looking forward, Brubaker is content with continuing writing and drawing the misadventures of his costumed hero.  “I love this character.  He’s been a part of my life for years and years, and it’s exciting to be able to share him with everyone and to have people tell me how much they love him back,” the cartoonist says, “It’s a wonderful feeling.”  Brubaker is also now in the stages of planning a book which will collect the entire first year of comic strips.

Denver Brubaker’s webcomic Tales of a Checkered Man can be found at:

Hi there!
I draw a webcomic and I like it.  You might like it too!  It’s about a pirate and greed and jokes and the economy.  I’ve been on and off working on it for the past 4 years but I recently did a big redesign and I think it’s finally fit for mass consumption.  I’d love a review or a bump or something, but if not hey no hard feelings everybody’s busy these days.  Thanks for doing what you do, and thank you in advance for your time and consideration.
Brian James

Jump leads new colourist

[10:18:03 PM] Ben Paddon: Not bad! Jump Leads just came out of hiatus, we have a new colourist working on the comic now, and we’re working on getting our books out again.
[10:19:16 PM] Ben Paddon: So, y’know. Exciting!

[10:22:17 PM] Ben Paddon: Our colourist has worked on a number of projects, including IDW comics such as Transformers, GI Joe and Doctor Who.
[10:22:19 PM] Ben Paddon: Which is awesome.

Established colourist Kris Carter will be joining the team. You might recognize the name – he wrote and provided the art for “Waterworld“, our eighth issue. But even if you haven’t read that you might recognise his work from comics such as Transformers: Nefarious, Doctor Who: The Forgotten, Torchwood: Rift War, and Red Dwarf: Songs In The Key Of Files. Clearly, Kris a man with some solid scifi comic credentials.

Japan needs Heroes

Machine of Death

Sekelsky Click on the slideshow to also see some pictures taken of @mbennardo by ME!

Charlie Brown


Thom Pratt

Duuuuudes? You guys are back?
Hey, swing by ‘Shadowbinders’ sometime… we’d love to have you!


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