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Jim Godfrey from The Path and the Drunk Duck community project Civil War.
Webcomic news and commentary, and a Drunk Duck report from Black Kitty.


Riot and Civil War: Gigcast #87
Hosts: JT, Scott, Kota.
Guest: Jim Godfrey from The Path

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Interview with Riot (Jim Godfrey) of The Plan

No Responses to “Riot and Civil War… Gigcast 87”

Man, this was a fun interview. Not just saying it because Riot was on it, but because honestly you guys seemed like you had a lot of fun! I really enjoyed it. My favorite Gigcasts are the ones where you guys joke around. I’ve also learned a few things from the gigcast, like from the Devils Panties Interview, and Ronson’s interviews. Oz’s was fun too though!

Great work. Keep them coming!


Thanks Man

good fun! I have a feeling Riots side will be growing a few numbers because of the interview.

I can’t wait to get home from work to give it a listen! 😀