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Interview withMike Maihack of Cow & Buffalo“I usually describe Cow & Buffalo as conversations I have with myself personified by bovines,” says Mike Maihack, creator of the ridiculous weekly online comic strip. “Lately though, they seem to be taking me on these long drawn out story arcs that involve places and other characters I didn’t realize existed. Either this means I’m getting more creative at my craft, or my split personality is multiplying into more then just two. It can’t be that I’m going crazy because that already happened. People can’t go crazier can they?”

Mike ran off clucking like a chicken shortly after this, but informed us that if we needed to compare Cow & Buffalo to a mainstream comic book out there it would be, “Captain America. Definitely.”

and Then we talk About:

Lunchbox Funnies
Lunchbox Funnies is a cooperative collection of some of the best all-ages comics available to read on the internet. Our creators are committed to seeing that their comics are entertaining for young readers as well as the kids in all of us. We don’t believe that “all-ages” means “just for kids!”


New Comixpedia Bloggers (including Black Kitty):

Joey Manly reports that Modern Tales is 5 years old:

Secret Asian Man picked up by United Feature Syndicate
Thanks Krishna for the link.

“SECRET ASIAN MAN” COMING TO A PAPER NEAR YOU! Secret Asian Man by Tak Toyoshima has been signed by United Features Syndicate. If you’re a fan of Secret Asian Man and want to see him shake up the comics page of your local daily paper, write them a letter and let them know. Make your voice heard!”

SAM is one of the best kept secrets in quality webcomics – make sure your voice is heard and support Tak’s work!


Panel 2 Panel news from Glych

A FAQ page has been added to the site
( where you’ll find a HUGE list of common questions we get and their answers. Questions like “Whatever happened to the original No Stereotypes?” and “Would you be willing to
collaborate on something?” There’s also a question we often get; “How do I get into the comics industry?” which is followed by a very long and thorough list of books that is an excellent jumping off point for
anyone who’s serious about making comics for a living. We feel this list is an important resource for anyone starting out.

2 new columns have joined the site. There was a vote on the forums to pick the new columnist from 2 worthy candidates, Adam Barnett and Jason Brown. Not only was the vote “so” close but their material
covered so different from each other that Glych made the executive decision to have both join. Adam Barnett, blogger for Comics Make No Sense ( will be covering older comics and graphic novels from the main stream with his column “The Procrastinator,” while Jason Brown will be covering independent and small press comics and graphic novels with his column “Shoegazing.” Jason’s been published in many gaming magazines in the UK which, with his addition, officially makes P2P, not only international, but intercontinental.


American Jr Trade Paperback being written by actor Gregory Itzin who plays President Logan in the television series “24.”

A blurb about DJ Coffman published in Wizard Magazine!

Star Cross’d Destiny passed its 75th page and has a Juno figurine out for pre-order!

Interview with Ronson!

Featured comics are now 3 times a week at DrunkDuck!

DrunkDuck Draw off! Pit your art against another artist’s!

Buy Floyd and Mike stuff between now and March 16th and 50% of it will go towards Comic Relief! More info here:

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