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Drawn from sources that are busy as heck…

  • Joey Manley is looking for your tshirt designs.
  • The Webcomic Overlook has a review of Evil Diva.
  • ComixTalk has a review of the Webcomics Weekend.
  • Xerexes has an interview with Brian Babendererde, creator of Soul Chaser Betty.
  • Palace in the Sky Webcomic News has an interview with Nathan Bonner of Indavo.
  • Some photos of the Webcomic Weekend.
  • Webcomic Finds has a review of Seek and Destroy from Anarchy Comics.
  • The Examiner has a review of the webcomic Traitor.
  • Storming the Tower has a review of Of Bears and Men.
  • PVP offers a tshirt with the slogan ‘You’re Killing Newspapers by Reading Webcomics’ on it in time for the Webcomics Weekend.
  • UCLICK offers free Dramacon Comic App through Apple.
  • Carmine Magazine talks about The Create a Comic Project.
  • GeekDad has his second anniversary and revisits Ten Great Webcomics.
  • Coyote Trax’s Webcomics Critique reviews Surviving Retail.
  • C.B. Cebulski shares his tips on how to break into comics.
  • CBR spotlights Jim Mahfood’s Los Angeles Ink Stains as a webcomic to watch.
  • The Cartoon Art Museum is lookin for professional cartoonists to take part in their Cartoonist-in-Residence Program. If you fit the bill and are interested please contact
  • Wellon’s Weblog has an post entitled ‘Why Web Comics are Better.’
  • Johnny Saturn joins ComixsXP.
Reported by Michael Moss.

5 Responses to “Webcomic Wire – 3/23/09”

Gee wiisklerl, that’s such a great post!

Life always finds a way? Well, buletls too!!! For the last time, I’m not a raptor, I’m a DEINONYCHUS Sorry baby, not my fault if I’m cold blooded! Yep, I’m pretty fly for a fossile! Get away from my eggs, bitch!

Vous croyez qu’avec des têtes nucléaires, on va être protégé contre des guérillas par exemple ? Vous avez réfléchi au fait qu’une armée, ça consomme beaucoup de carburant et qu’on n’aura peut-être tout simplement plus du tout les moyens de faire des conflits comme celui de Libye ? Heureusement, il y a des gens qui réfléchissent…

Coucou Mathilde,si on fait abstraction du coup de stress de la semaine dernière qui a provoqué une éruption de boutons, ma peau se porte plutôt bien.Pourtant pas de vraie routine ces dernieres semaines: je reste fidèle à mon lait démaquillant Lavera pour enlever mon maquillage et à un masque (rhassoul en poudre + sels de la mer morte) / gommage (Origins) désincrustant une fois par semaine.Pour les soins hydratants, j´utilise les échantillons qui se sont accumulés au cours de l´année, ce qui me laisse le temps de réfléchir à mon prochain achat. Pas facile quand on a autant de choix sur le marché !

I run CS2 on a Mac Mini that’s nearly 6 years old. No prolmebs since I bought it. I recently bought a new MacBookPro and put that vary same CS 2 on it. There’s a piece of software built in to Snow Leopard called Rosetta that let’s you do that. I also have Manga Studio 3, and a few other PowerPC applications that run with out any issues on the MBP. My old laptop was a PowerBook 1400cs from 1996 which was upgraded to the point where it can’t be upgraded anymore, it runs PS-5 on it and I can still make comics with it if needed. The only problem I was running in to was the need for more modern webbrowsing. I’ve found quite a bit of free software to use on my new MBP, but it just didn’t do what I wanted. On the PC side, I built my own and was a certified tech for them. I just got tired of fixing them. I like things that just work, my time is worth the extra alledged expense. Now on to part 2.

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