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def·i·nite·ly /?d?f?n?tli/
1. in a definite manner; unambiguously.
2. unequivocally; positively.
3. (used to express complete agreement or strong affirmation): Are you starting your diet tomorrow? Definitely!

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News Links

The Errant Apprentice Featured on Drunk Duck
Atland on Drunk Duck
Cosmic Dash on Drunk Duck and Radio Comix Comic Book info in the Forum
Poinko/Lancaster and Sean Howell/King Cheeta
Lak’s Birthday
Sub-c’s Video Blogs on YouTube
NightGig YouTube Forum Thread Guitars, Will it blend?, Batman etc…
Survey.. see above! (Thanks Alpha Shade)
Paul Taylor
Lulu Blooker Prise Contest – Win 2500 smacker-oos!
WCCA Geraing up! Get ready to Nominate your favorites!
Wizard World LA, Drunk Duck Alley?
DJ Kauffman
Smack Jeeves relaunches Webcomic Battle,
Sketch Battle
ComicSpace: Nightgig Studios and The Gigcast on ComicSpace
NightGig Studios and The Gigcast on MySpace
Abacus Comics: Lullaby, Hector Sylvia Deviant Art Page, Imaginaries
Silent Kimberly
Project Wonderful Ads Available!
Alma Mater

Drunk Duck

DrunkDuck at Wizard World LA? Free table for DD artists? If you’re interested, speak up at the forum thread!
Crimson Dark is holding a contest! Free stuff!
Final round of Fightsplosion!
Cowboys and Aliens is now available in print! Over 100 pages of colour in time for Christmas!
Megaman EXE hits 100!
Rebound reaches 50th page!
The Realms of Aegis
Gunnerkrigg Court creator Teasan was interviewed by Comixpedia!
Magical Misfits and Public Humiliation is teaming up and doing a crossover!
Return of DrunkDuck contests? D: Stay tune! Details coming soon!

Comic Genesis

The Comic Genesis book for Free Comic Book Day needs
Season 3 of Desperate Keenwives has been canceled.
The Adventures of Cat+Dawg, a forum-only comic, is up and going.
The forum arena battles are running again, but all slots are filled.
Drop by general forums and post your Secret Santa
images, or oggle the ones already there.

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