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It’s been a busy week so I thought I would fill you all in on it.

We’ve had site problems. It’s not necessarily the host issue it’s not necessarily our issue but together it’s a pain in the ass. I’m sure your all familiar with how we all need to watch bandwidth like a hawk before bandwidth eats us. We’re careful not to go over our bandwidth. We also keep an eye on file and folder sizes. We’re not just a comic community we’re a host. We don’t have a unlimited supply, but we’re good there as well. Our problem is that we’re using to much of the servers CPU.

So we’re pulling back some of the things that we had previously put into place. We’ll have to stop giving out wordpress to everyone and instead look at the multi blog version of word press. I’m also a little worried that a extra bit of code that the host now has us adding to our comic automation (QUACT) may be the problem. If that’s the case then we may have to look to more drastic measures and even ditch quact if we have to.

The other thing we’re doing is turning off any comment system that may be getting spammed to death. Again QUACT is a big victim here. Because there isn’t anyway to notify you of someone commenting on a past comic, there isn’t really a way to keep people from filling it up with spam links for google to look at.

We run things around here like a non-profit. If we need it we put it on next years budget and hope we can get it then.

Ok enough whining.

I want to talk about a few cool things.

Our traffic has gone up. Thank you if your a new visitor. I blame comicspace for some of it. Looking at referal traffic though it’s been from a little here and a little there. We’ver been acting more social and I guess you like us. I’m looking forward to seeing what Comicspaces hosting features will look like. Maybe with luck Comicspace will succeed in bringing comic fans and artists to other comic fans and artists. It’s one thing to know that there are tons of webcomics out there. It’s another to see a list.

In related cool news. Abacus comics friended us on Comicspace and I rushed over to see just what they are. Turns out that they are a new comic book publisher about to open their doors. They are also letting you read a comic called “Lullaby” online and for free. It’s drawn by Hector Sevilla and Mike S. Miller and Ben Avery. It’s well worth checking out. The guys over at Abacus have crazy good skills.

I’ll cut it short there but I should have more to say soon.

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